No Need for Validation

wives women Jul 06, 2023

Being an emotionally healthy man means not seeking affirmation of our manhood from our wife or job.

When we give a woman the power to validate us, we also give them the power to emasculate us. This is why many men are hurt, angry, and resentful of their wives. Especially, when men have sought their validation from sex, and their wife denies them of it.

Our wives weren’t designed to make us feel like men. Our wives need us to be men. On our own. Without their help or validation. They need us to have a source other than them that we draw upon for validation and completion.

And there should be nothing other than God that has power over us.

We are men, made in the image of the all-powerful, all-loving Creator of the universe. That’s our validation. That’s our source of wholeness.

Not our wife. Not our job. Not our accomplishments.

Be a man who knows who he is. Knows who made him and why he’s here. Draw strength and validation from the infinite source that never rejects.

Be a man who doesn’t look to his woman for permission to be a man.

by David Mills


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