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20-Years of Transforming Men's Businesses and Ministries

Leadership is our master key.

Equipping Men for Life, Leadership and Success

Beginning in 2003

Dr. Robert J. Watkins and 15 men of different races and backgrounds prayed for global unity.  The vision of Kings & Priests was revealed.

10 years later

In 2013, under the leadership of Dr. Watkins, Kings & Priests holds it's first International Conference with over 7,000 attendees.

In 2023

Kings & Priests, Inc. launches The Discipleship Program to disciple 5000 men globally. 

We believe...

God created men to be Kings and Priests under Revelations 5:10.

We believe...

Men are inherently flawed, needing God's grace and each other to thrive and conquer.

We believe...

When men unite with integrity, and faith, nothing shall be impossible.

Our Mission 

To lead men worldwide so they may influence culture, transform communities, and develop companies for the glory of God.

Thereby releasing trustworthy leaders, resourcing men, solving their problems, and making a mark on the earth that can not be erased.

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Our Deliverables 

We offer a wide range of international and regional events, resources and programs. Our Discipleship Program, called The Circle of Trust, is where 12 men are invited to local meetings for transparent and interactive discussions to support men in their personal and professional growth.

Our Community 

Kings & Priests, Inc. is committed to fostering community among our members. We organize regular social gatherings, recreational activities, and volunteer initiatives, allowing men to connect with like-minded individuals with similar interests and values. Building strong connections and forming meaningful relationships is essential for personal well-being and growth.

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