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About Kings & Priests
For 20 years, Kings & Priests have been dedicated to disciple, develop, and deploy men to make their mark on the world.

Connect with like-minded individuals and a group of strong leaders who will propel you forward on your journey through life with more purpose, meaning, direction, resources, and potential than ever before. 

How? Through our world-class events, local discipleship forums, and one-on-one results meetings.


Membership Has Its Divine Benefits  

  • Establish new relationships for the next phase of your life
  • Join an unbreakable bond of brothers committed to your success
  • Get clarity for the next 10 years
  • Grow your business and ministry
  • Get immediate to our online community

What Leaders Are Saying...

John C. Maxwell

Kings & Priests are helping men become the leaders they were meant to be.  It is truly what the world needs today.

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T.D. Jakes

Thank God for Dr. Watkins. We need real problem-solvers to lead us through uncertain times. Kings & Priests is leading us towards transformation.

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Les Brown

Kings & Priests and Dr. Watkins have tapped into what we all need: motivation, strategy and God.

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We disciple men for personal success and resource them through our world-class events, local discipleship meetings, tools, and courses. 

You'll gain access to our powerful network, free content, live lessons and more so that you can start getting results today! 

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We have fun... But we don't kid around when it comes to God, business, purpose and relationships. 

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Empowerment to help you conquer in every area of life. 

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