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For two decades, Kings & Priests, Inc. has empowered men spiritually, financially, and professionally to be strong, meaningful leaders.   

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Craig Oliver has built one of the largest ministries in the world with over 10,000 members. Luther Ragsdale has managed, sold and acquired over $2 billion worth of real estate. Dr. J.C. Baker has built one of the largest minority consulting firms in America. Robert J. Watkins has built one of the largest minority financial facilitation firms in America.

On TUESDAY, January 23rd, you'll be empowered to: 

  • Receive the secrets from leaders who are actually doing it.
  • Learn practical insights and strategies that have proven effective in real-world situations.
  • Extract valuable insights from their experiences and apply them to your leadership journey.
  • Focus on scalability, efficiency, and adaptability to withstand market changes.
  • Make informed decisions to ensure the financial health and sustainability of your venture.
  • Build a diverse and collaborative team.
  • Take calculated risks to drive innovation and growth.
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John Maxwell

I love that Kings & Priests and Dr. Watkins trains future leaders to impact the marketplace. 

Les Brown

Dr. Watkins is teaching us the art of motivating and inspiring men to greatness.  That's why I am here.

T.D. Jakes 

Kings & Priests is what men need to position our families and businesses for greatness and longevity.  We are all benefiting from Dr. Watkins' work.

Dale Bronner

Our families, business, and communities are all experiencing high levels of achievement because of Kings & Priests training and events. 

Sam Chand

Kings & Priests has bought us together because the world needs leadership.  I am honored to be a part.

William Murphy

Kings & Priests is who we are as men.  Let's support this incredible initiative.