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BORN TO BE KING & PRIEST (by Dr. Robert J. Watkins)

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Dr. Watkins has been on a 30-year mission to help men build their business, ministry, and personal lives with purpose and power! 

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Build a divine life infused with purpose
Lead with authority and impactful influence
 Know the secret that separates you from other mere males
 Stay relevant across all ages and industries
Transform challenges into opportunities
Establish a legacy of generational wealth
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There's nothing like this on the market for men. When I first heard about Kings & Priests and this book, I knew what was missing from my life and business.

Gary Pernice, Esq.

Once I understood that I was both King and Priest, my life and business increased because my mindset was renewed.

Luther Ragsdale III, CEO of Platinum Real Estate Brokerage

My new Kings & Priests mindset increased my marriage and my money. This book and program changed everything!

Doug Crumbly, 25-year entrepreneur